Koroni – Methoni

You are in Kalamata. Travel west following the Messinian Gulf, you meet small traditional villages full of vegetation. One of them is Petalidi,a graphic town, where the mountain meet the sea.

History says that King Agamemnon offered this town to Achilles as a gift to persuade him to fight against the Trojans. Kalamaki, Risomilos, Chrani, Logga, Nea Koroni are some more traditional villages that you see on your way.

A variety of excursions of historical interest are available nearby. As you go on you arrive to Koroni one of the most important trade, navy and cultural centers of the past.

The “ Mediaeval Duchess” as Koroni was called still keeps some of the ancient glory with the aristocratic houses and the Venetian castle which stands in the most dominant position of the peninsula.

Further west you meet Finikounta. At the end you reach Methoni , an amphitheatrically built town with a 4km sandy coast. It worth visiting it’s Venetian castle which is the biggest and best maintained of all.