Car Rental Kalamata

Our mission is to maintain our clients satisfied during their vacations or business trips while on the road.

Kalamata Car Rental

DISCOVER Kalamata - Messinia and the surrounding area enjoy safe vacations by selecting the car you need ask for your special price
The car rental agency Verga is an agency with ages of experience well known for its loyalty to its obligations.

Our Fleet

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Car Rental Verga

Vergas rent a car fleet, combines the biggest variety in the market concerning models and car brands, including different sizes.

Due to the above plus immediate service, 24h road assistance, and not to mention the competitive prices, ensure more options for our clients.

Our dynamic intervening has to do with

  • Immediate fast and organized services for our clients
  • Transference cover at all times
  • Variety of the latest cars
  • Car maintenance
  • Our fleets renovation
  • Competitive prices

Terms of renting

In all cases the possession of the cars belongs to VERGA Company. Exit of the vehicle from the Greek borders or its shipment without the written consent of the company is prohibited. During the hire all authorized drivers are equally and on the whole responsible with the hirer. Any difference arising from the hiring is under the jurisdiction of the Kalamata Law Courts.

DRIVER’S AGE: Minimum age limit of 23 years. The driver must have possession of the driving license for at least 1 year.

GUARANTY: Down payment of the hiring value of the vehicle.

FUEL: Fuel costs will be covered by the hirer.

The delivery or collection of the vehicle is free of charge at the headquarters of the company in Kalamata and Kalamata Airport. Out of town deleivery-collection will be charged with 0,50 euro per kilometer. The hirer must explicitly declare that after checking the vehicle he/she has found it in good condition, without any defects and has not expressed any complaints about its condition. Furthermore, he declares that he is bound to return any vehicle tools, accessories and components, otherwise he is obliged to compensate for any loss.

Apart from the agreed cost of hire, the hirer will also cover the:

  1. All the taxes and rates pertaining the vehicle hire.
  2. Fines , penalties and other expenses imposed or about to be imposed due to violations during the vehicle’s use.
  3. Any amount of money needed for the repair of a mechanical damage, damage to the car body and replacement of the deteriorated car tires.

company must be notified 48 hours prior to the extension of the hire

The basic hiring costs cover damages to the car and passengers against others according to the Hiring and Insurance contract.

In case of an accident:

  1. Corporal damages against others and passengers (except the driver): 500.000,00 EURO
  2. Damage caused by others: 100.000,00 EURO
  3. Death or total disability of the driver: 10.000,00 EURO
  4. Permanent disability, part percentage % of 10.000,00 EURO
  5. Daily hospital allowance 6,00 EURO
  6. Legal protection of the driver: 15.000,00 EURO

is added to the hiring costs

In case of an accident or any other event such as fire, theft, etc, the hirer must follow the following procedure:

  1. Notify the police.
  2. Take down the names and addresses of on the scene witnesses, as well as any information related to the accident. He/She must not acknowledge any claim.
  3. Contact VERGA Company.
  4. Fill in and sign declaration of the accident.
  5. Send any information or related document.


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